Morning Docket: 07.06.17

* Are you taking the California bar exam? Would you like to know what subjects they’ll be testing on this time around? [Law School HQ]

* Shorter version of this Justice Stevens interview — Justice Gorsuch is great as long as you assiduously avoid learning anything about his jurisprudence. [Law360]

* Rob Kardashian leaked explicit photos of his former fiancée, Blac Chyna, on social media and she’s considering legal action. When you wonder why America is in decline, consider that this is what ABC News is covering. [ABC News]

* The Trump administration’s efforts to get its hands on all voting records has already ticked off state officials across the country, and now it has an opportunity to tick off a federal judge too! [National Law Journal]

* Former DOJ fraud lawyer Hui Chen describes what it was like to prosecute under the Trump administration. Spoiler: Not good. [NPR]

* Appellate attorney on a Jeopardy winning streak. I guess appellate lawyers are all about explaining what questions are being presented. []

* Budgets are down, but in-house IP counsel are working harder, which seems patently unfair. [Corporate Counsel]
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