Morning Docket: 05.25.17

* As voters head to the polls in Montana, they’re finding out that frontrunner Greg Gianforte allegedly beat up a reporter in front of a bunch of witnesses. Will this doom his chances? Pfft. I present the case study of Michael Grimm. [Huffington Post]

* Here comes the “Marc Kasowitz’s ties to Russia” stories. Newsflash: Russians have a lot of businesses that get sued. Let’s not make an equivalence between representing a Russian bank and handing them classified intelligence. [CNN]

* The D.C. Circuit seems like they might actually save the CFPB. At least until there’s an appeal to some politically hostile higher court. []

* Google fighting to avoid becoming a generic term. This is apparently called “genericide” which I’d never heard of. I’ll have to Bing that. [Law360]

* Dentons cutting jobs in the UK. [Legal Week]

* If you want to know more about lobbying, Bracewell lobbyist Josh Zive just started a podcast called “The Lobby Shop.” Apparently “Big Bags O’ Bribes” reflects negatively on the practice. [National Law Journal]
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