Morning Docket: 05.09.17

* Littler acquires UK firm, marking their third European deal in the last year and a half. That’s very interesting. Or should I say, “that’s vereinteresting.” No? OK, that’s very interesting. [Am Law Daily]

* Miami firms shepherd the $60 million sale of “Jungle Island.” So when the Velociraptors start rampaging through South Beach, don’t say we didn’t warn you. [Daily Business Review]

* Five hypotheticals posed by the Fourth Circuit in its travel ban hearing. Spoiler: some of them are incredibly stupid. []

* Bill Clinton is writing a thriller with James Patterson entitled “The President Is Missing.” In the end they find the president campaigning in the Rust Belt which is where no Democrat bothered to look. [Huffington Post]

* Dentons partner launches campaign for lieutenant governor in California. [The Recorder]

* Meanwhile, Morgan Lewis partner David I. Miller is in the running for the SDNY U.S. Attorney gig which would put him in charge of looking the other way in most cases of financial crime. [Law360]

* Judge holds company publicly accountable in waterslide decapitation. But the real story here is, as always, just how terrible Kansas is. [Litigation Daily]

* How Michigan uses the law to trap people in poverty. [Jalopnik]
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