Non-Sequiturs: 05.03.17

* Code Pink protesters found guilty of disorderly conduct during the Jeff Sessions hearings. One woman just laughed. I’ll just wait here for the appellate courts to do something about this. [New York Times]

* Non-citizens and people here illegally will be able to vote in local school board elections in San Francisco, if they have children in the school district. If the Hunchback of Notre Dame was written today, it’d be a musical about San Francisco. [NPR]

* Trump canceling the White House Cinco de Mayo celebration is perhaps the most racially sensitive thing he’s done. Not because Cinco de Mayo has turned into an embarrassing excuse for white appropriation of Mexican culture, but because Trump is physically incapable of eating a taco salad without insulting people. [The Hill]

* The Fourth Circuit, preparing to hear a Muslim ban case, is down one conservative judge. Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III will be recused because his son is part of the case for the government. [Buzzfeed]

* What is Cantor Fitzgerald really paying Obama $400,000 to do? Give a good speech, most likely. [Bloomberg View]

* Mississippi funeral home refuses to cremate a corpse because the corpse was once alive-while-gay. How you gonna run a funeral home based on hate? [Slate]

* I know most of our readers don’t read white supremacist news. But when I do this link-wrap, I feel like I should start adding in one headline from the Alt-Right, just so all you good people don’t get too comfortable in your bubble. These people ARE IN CONTROL OF AMERICA. What they think directly influences the President of the United States.

So, here’s your headline: “Creepy Kimmel Politicizes Infant Son’s Health Crisis” [Breitbart]
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